The Defense of Police Act commonly referred to as DOPA is an amendment to the Keene Act that was passed after the White Night. Senator Joe Keene wrote DOPA so police officers could wear masks which would protect their identities.

History Edit

After the act was ratified a pilot program was initiated in Tulsa, Oklahoma and other cities across the United States. The legislation led to an 80% drop in crime in the areas that initiated the policy and was considered such a success the other cities including Atlanta, New Orleans, and Denver wanted to initiate a masked police program.[1]

The law allows detective class officers to be able to assume a full costumed adventurer persona. The Tulsa Police Department protocols require officers who have been promoted to detective to provide a statement explaining their persona. This information provides insight into the detective’s mental state.[2]

After Laurie Blake learns about Cyclops, she is able to deduce that Keene orchestrated the Seventh Kavalry’s attack during the White Knight so that he would have the necessary justification to create DOPA. With the warring factions wearing masks there would be a rise of chaos which Keene could use to further his own ambitions[3]


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