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Agent Dale Petey is a former agent for the FBI's Anti-Vigilante Task Force and Laurie Blake's former partner during her investigation into the conspiracy in Tulsa. Despite his profession, Petey was fascinated by vigilantes, leading him to catalogue his investigation on Peteypedia and eventually try to become a hero himself as Lubeman.


Dale Petey has a PhD in history, specializing in the costumed adventurers of years past including theMinutemen and the Crimebusters. He wrote his dissertation on the Police Strike of 1977. Despite his credentials, he was recruited by the FBI to run the slide projector, and is largely undervalued by the Bureau despite being part of the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. When the IBM NetVista X41 computer was first introduced to the FBI, Petey was assigned as the Information Technology Administrator to help assist users with the new technology while continuing to perform his usual duties. On September 1, 2019, Petey wrote a Peteypedia memo regarding the FBI's decision of declaring Adrian Veidt dead, following his disappearance while explaining the history and legacy of Rorschach's journal.

During a presentation about the Seventh Kavalry, he added an excerpt from Rorschach's journal in the FBI briefing much to the annoyance of his superior, Max Farragut. When Agent Laurie Blake is assigned to investigate the murder of Judd Crawford, Blake picks Petey to go with her. A fan of masked vigilantes and their culture; he jumps on the opportunity to work with a retired one as his superior officer

On the flight to Tulsa, Petey cautiously probes Laurie with questions about her past career as a costumed crimefighter.

During his investigation into Tulsa, he learns that Angela Abar’s grandfather was Hooded Justice, the first masked superhero. In his final Peteypedia memo, he states that his experience in Tulsa has forced him to rethink his blinkered assumptions about costumed heroes and the culture surrounding them.

On October 1, 2019, Petey's employment with the FBI was terminated once his superiors had enough of his fanboying interfering with his job. Following his termination, Petey decided to continue the investigation on his own and has gone into hiding, now going by the costumed persona of Lube Man.[1]

Powers and abilities

As Lubeman, Petey knows how to use lube to fit into tight spaces, like sewer drains.

Physical appearance



TV series



  • Dale Petey's memos as shown on the Peteypedia website are all dated in the early days of September 2019, yet it references events on the show that clearly happen weeks to months beyond that date. Even the final memo which is written by the FBI Director Farragut remarking on his apparent disappearance is still dated in September, yet references events in the final episode that clearly happen way past that.
  • The final memo on the show’s companion website Peteypedia has all but confirmed the theory that Lubeman is (now former) FBI Agent Dale Petey. The thin figure in the skin-tight gray suit was only seen once in Season One. Sister Night chased him until he slid into a sewer.
  • The Lubeman costume is a direct reference to a character from Fogdancingan important fictional book in the Watchmen world.



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