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The Crawford Residence is a a estate in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Judd Crawford and Jane Crawford lived.


In 1955, Dale Dixon Crawford hosted a white-tie fundraising event at his home in Tulsa in which his friend Joseph David Keene, a senator of Oklahoma, publicly rebuked Hooded Justice for refusing to reveal his identity to the House UnAmerican Activities Committee.[1]

Chief Judd Crawford was the only member of the Tulsa Police Department whose identity was known to the public. Due to his status, the Crawford residence was equipped with an advanced security system and was guarded by a police detail. In September 2019, Judd Crawford was ambushed by Will Reeves Shortly after the Carmichael's Safehouse Raid. Reeves disabled the Chief’s car in his driveway and used the Mesmerism Projector to force Crawford to hang himself.[2][3]

Jane Crawford hosted a wake at her estate to commemorate the life of her recently deceased husband. Angela Abar attended the wake and pretended to faint so Jane would leave her alone in the bedroom. Abar took Reeves’ advice and conducted a search of the house using Night Vision Goggles. She discovered a secret room in Judd’s closet that contained a KKK robe.[4]

Later while Laurie Blake with conducting her investigation into the murder of Judd Crawford she approached Jane and the two had a sit down at the Crawford estate. When Blake confronted Jane with her theory that Cyclops was still active, her host ambushed her using a trapdoor that incapacitated the federal agent.[5]