It would be a stronger world, a stronger loving world, to die in.
— John Cale, "Sanities"

A Stronger Loving World is the twelfth and the final chapter in the twelfth chapter series Watchmen, written by Alan Moore and drawn by Dave Gibbons. It was released on October 1987.




Watchmen Chapters
Chapter I: At Midnight, All the Agents...Chapter II: Absent FriendsChapter III: The Judge of All the EarthChapter IV: WatchmakerChapter V: Fearful SymmetryChapter VI: The Abyss Gazes AlsoChapter VII: A Brother to DragonsChapter VIII: Old GhostsChapter IX: The Darkness of Mere BeingChapter X: Two Riders Were Approaching...Chapter XI: Look On My Works, Ye MightyChapter XII: A Stronger Loving World
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