As seen in frame 1, Burgers 'N Borscht is a fast food store.

Burgers 'N Borscht in Saigon, Vietnam.

Burgers 'N' Boяscht (also spelled Burgers 'N' Borscht) is a restaurant chain.


Burgers 'N' Boяscht's first restaurant opened in the same location of the Gunga Diner in New York City following its destruction by the appearance of the giant alien squid.

In 1986, Seymour David bought burgers from Burgers 'N' Boяscht and brought them to the New Frontiersman office. Hector Godfrey prohibited him from saying the latter half of the restaurant's name, as he doesn't allow Russian to be spoken in his office.

The restaurant chain managed to successfully open other locations in the United States, even one across the Pacific in Saigon, Vietnam.

In 1987, June Abar took her granddaughter, Angela Abar, to Burgers 'N' Boяscht in Saigon.

In 1991, Chris Deschaines' father was running a Burgers 'N Borscht pop-up near the campus of Microsoft. When the company collapsed, they relocated to Boeing Field.


  • Burgers 'N Borscht demonstrated a move away from isolation and colonialism, as represented by the Gunga Diner, and towards globalism and, in particular, smoother relations with the Soviet Union as borscht is a Ukrainian soup dish.
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