A fictional character from the comic book series Bluecoat and Scout.

This persona was donned by a Japanese saboteur during World War II. After his wife died in an internment camp he sought revenge and joined a team of terrorists along with his father, they stole a ball of enriched uranium from Los Alamos and planned to cause a meltdown and destroy a building or kill hostages. Realizing that this act of terrorism was not the honorable way, he decided to warn the Americans, but he couldn't go to the authorities, so his son had the idea to attract the attention of the Minutemen posing as Bluecoat with his son posing as Scout. The Minutemen realized the strange visitor was telling the truth when the saboteurs announced their demands on the radio, revealing that their target would be the Statue of Liberty.

With his son they teamed up with the Minutemen and assaulted Liberty Island. He with Nite Owl and Scout stormed into the statue and started climbing, but he was shot down by a gunman, and fell from the stairway.[1]


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