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The sister of Ursula Zandt.

She lived in the Austrian town of Linz where she lost most of her family.[1] They were taken to a Nazi occupied orphanage. Aided by the chemist Gretchen, Ursula held Blanche close to her, reading her verses from A Child's Garden Verses. Despite understanding their grave situation, Ursula tried to cheer her up.

Gretchen and Ursula soon fell in love and worrying about them, she arranged with a forger to make papers for their escape to the U.S. The other day Blanche went missing, like other kids before her, and was taken to an off-limits room where she was mutilated and killed by a masked figure. Ursula and Gretchen stormed into the room and found it was too late for her, and escaped from the orphanage.[2]

They fled to New York where Ursula became a vigilante against criminals who abused or murdered children, obviously to avenge Blanche's memory.


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