Blair Roche (1969 - 1975) was a six-year-old girl kidnapped in the summer of 1975 by Brooklyn resident, Gerald Anthony Grice.

Grice believed that Roche's family was the same that owned the Roche Chemical Company and intended to collect a large ransom, taking her to a disused dressmaker's shop, Modern Modes. In actuality, the young Blair's family was not wealthy; her father was merely a bus driver. To dispose of any evidence, Grice burned her clothes, butchered her body and fed the remains to his two German Shepards.

Promising Blair's family that he would return her unharmed, Walter Kovacs as the early incarnation of his alter ego, Rorschach, investigated the case personally, as he had "personal reasons." Rorschach traced Grice to the Modern Modes, and found the evidence that Grice had murdered Roche.

Rorschach's dealings with Grice are a pivotal event, causing the vigilante to adopt more extreme methods in his investigative habits and his punishment of criminals. The discovery caused a severe psychological breakdown in Kovacs, who snapped and killed both dogs and burned Grice alive.[1]


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