1940 brochure.


1955 brochure

A wandering circus that toured the East Coast. The Mighty Meuller was among its crew. As a results, kid disappearances coincided with the Circus arrivals.[1]

The circus visited the city in 1940. 3 weeks after the circus left, Ursula Zandt investigated the disappearance of a boy where the circus was installed. Mothman found the remains of a murdered kid in an abandoned building nearby.[2]

In 1955 the circus was in Boston where the Comedian, killed Müller. When the circus returned to New York that year, the Comedian kidnapped a boy in order to lure Nite Owl to the building they found the dead kid years ago, and incriminate Hooded Justice.[1]

There is also an advertisement of the Circus outside the Stilton in 1962.[2]


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