Big Figure (October 31, 1985) was a dwarfish gangster with a penchant for cigars.


In 1965 he was apprehended through the actions of Rorschach and the Nite Owl while they were partners, and was incarcerated in Sing Sing prison.[1] Even in prison he had formed a small army of henchmen, and commanded his men outside.

When Walter Kovacs was arrested for the murder of Edgar Jacobi, he was immediately threatened upon his arrival in prison by Big Figure. His first meeting with Kovacs is highlighted by threatening the family of a prison guard, Mulhearney, who stands watch on Kovacs' isolated cell, indicating his influence outside.

After Otis' death, Big Figure arranges for a prison riot with the simple intent of distracting the prison's guards long enough to gain entry to Kovacs' cell, wanting revenge. Unfortunately for Figure, Kovacs proves to be much craftier than his attackers; he binds the hands of the bigger man, Lawrence, to the cell's door when the man lunges for him. Figure orders his second goon to kill Lawrence; Lawrence's body had been blocking the door's lock housing.

When the second man, Michael, finally opens the door with an acetylene torch, Kovacs shatters his toilet bowl causing a small flood of water to make contact with the torch's frayed power cord, electrocuting Michael. Big Figure retreats in helpless terror, with Kovacs right behind. Kovacs finds his adversary hiding in a men's room and drowns him in a toilet just as Nite Owl and Silk Spectre show up.

Film Version

Figure movie

Movie version of Big Figure

In the 2009 film, Big Figure is played by actor Danny Woodburn. Other than the fact that the actor is physically very different from the comic figure, there's not much in the scenes that featuring a moments of himself and Kovacs is altered for the film. However, when Kovacs finds Figure in the men's room, blood flows out from under the door in addition to water.

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