Bian My is the "daughter" of genius trillionaire Lady Trieu. In actuality, though, Bian is a clone of Trieu's mother Bian My who died prior to Trieu's rise to power.


Bian is initially perceived to be the daughter of Lady Trieu (Quý bà Triệu), the head of Trieu Industries. She often suffered nightmares of the Vietnam War including a memory of her village in Vietnam being burned down by the Comedian and his military unit.

It was later revealed that Bian was actually the clone of Trieu's deceased mother. Trieu wanted her parents to witness her ascent when she took Dr. Manhattan's powers.

The original Bian, Trieu's mother, was a Vietnamese refugee who worked as a cleaning woman for Adrian Veidt in Antarctica. She had a large disdain for her employer and in turn, broke into his office and inseminated herself with his sperm before disappearing.

Bian witnessed her mother/daughter die while attempting to become a literal god. Now Bian’s a genius child trillionaire orphan with access to Lady Trieu’s fortune and technology.


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  • The name Bian is not an actual a Vietnamese name (Vietnamese is a monosyllabic language.) The words "bí ẩn" means "secret" or "mystic".


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