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Benny Anger is a talk show host.


On October 17, 1985, Benny Anger had Doctor Manhattan to appear on his show. Anger's attempt at comedy leads him to begin his interview with Manhattan by asking, “What's up, doc?" resulting in laughter from his audience. Manhattan, unamused, responded "Up is a relative concept, it has no intrinsic meaning," which caused Anger to continue the interview by taking questions from the audience.

During the interview, Doug Roth of the Nova Express attempted to make Manhattan speak about the connections between the cancers of Wally Weaver, Janey Slater, and Moloch during Anger's show. As Manhattan became overwhelmed by questions, he transported Anger along with everyone outside of the building.

In anticipation of the concert in Madison Square Garden, Red D'Eath of Pale Horse appeared on Anger's show on the evening of October 25, 1985.