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Anthony "Underboss" Rizzoli was a former powerful criminal boss who was brought down by Rorschach and Nite Owl II in 1965, during their time as partners.


Anthony Rizzoli was the son of Salvatore Rizzoli, the head of the Rizzoli crime family. Sometime before 1950, Anthony would succeed his father and eventually would go by the moniker of Underboss.[1]

Shortly after his father's death, the Rizzoli family became embroiled in a five-family gang war, from which they emerge victorious. Underboss incorporates two rival gangs into the Rizzoli hierarchy, greatly increasing his family's power. With Underboss in charge, the Rizzoli family's criminal empire would dominate organized crime throughout New York City for more than fifteen years.[1]

In 1965, Underboss was captured by Nite Owl II and Rorschach during the height of his criminal empire and was put in prison.[2]

Despite his imprisonment, Underboss would continue to operate his criminal activities. At the height of his criminal empire, Underboss controlled criminal syndicates in New York City, Philadelphia, and Chicago. The size of his forces was rivaled by those of Moloch the Mystic.

Knowing that Moloch met Underboss in prison, Rorschach hypothetically asked him if Underboss was behind the plot to kill the masked adventurers, meaning he was still alive in 1985.[3]

Sometime after 1985, Underboss dies at Rikers Island jail complex while engaged in a knife fight over a cigarette lighter.[1]