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American Hero Story (sometimes abbreviated as AHS) is an American historical anthology superhero television series created by J.T. March III. Each season is conceived as a self-contained miniseries, following a different set of characters and settings, and a storyline with its own "beginning, middle, and end." Inspired by true events, American Hero Story is a series that dramatizes the events of costumed adventurers and society's endless fascination with them. The first season, retroactively subtitled Rorschach, reexamines and deconstructs the hard-boiled vigilante of the Nixon Era. Season two, retroactively subtitled Minutemen, explores the Golden Age era crime-fighting group led by the mysterious Hooded Justice.

Seasons Edit

Rorschach (2018) Edit

American Hero Story - Minutemen

American Hero Story: Minutemen

Season 1 focused on Walter Joseph Kovacs aka Rorschach. While regarded as a conservative/libertarian icon by those who follow his philosophy, the series portrayed him as a withering deconstruction of pathology that implicitly shamed anyone who ever found Rorschach or his kind admirable or noble.

Minutemen (2019) Edit

Season 2 focuses on the Minutemen and the man who inspired him, Hooded Justice. The series portrays what is already known and speculated by the public about HJ, from his early debut in 1938 to his romantic relationship with Captain Metropolis.

Music Edit

American Hero Story: Minutemen - Soundtrack to the Original Series Edit

Tracklisting Edit

American Hero Story - Minutemen (Soundtrack to the Original Series)

Album cover of American Hero Story: Minutemen - Soundtrack To The Original Series

Side One: We Can Be Heroes

  1. "Mystery Man (Hooded Justice theme)"
  2. "Plastic Soul (Captain Metropolis theme)"
  3. "Novelty Act (Nite Owl theme)"
  4. "Kid Stuff (Silhouette theme)"
  5. "Razzle Dazzle! (Silk Spectre theme)"
  6. "Surrender Dorothy"
  7. "Reign of the Superduperman"

Side Two: Who Am I?

  1. "Crazy Klown Time (The Comedian theme)"
  2. "The Future is Crisis (Mothman theme)"
  3. "The Problem With Bank Doors (Dollar Bill theme)"
  4. "Sex Stuff"
  5. "Nostalgia Trap"
  6. "Meta Gala"
  7. "Reboot (Toward Less Obvious Forms of Heroism)"

Trivia Edit

  • American Hero Story is a parody to the Ryan Murphy's penned television series American Crime Story and American Horror Story.
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